With regards to App Store Optimization (ASO), there are two sorts of individuals: one will confess about that has no clue as to what it is, and the other will let you know that it’s fundamentally similar to SEO, just for Appstores. While the last is mostly valid (also, a simple method for disclosing the idea to those new to the term), the genuine story behind ASO is significantly more intricate, profound and fascinating.

The key contrast amongst SEO and ASO lies in what happens after clients enter your site (or application page, in our case). For SEO, that is the place the procedure closes. The point behind incorporating certain keywords in the content is to ensure your site shows up among the top indexed lists for applicable (and at some point insignificant) inquiries.

In the Appstore nonetheless, the fun has quite recently started. Our motivation isn’t creating application page traffic, yet rather ensuring your application is found by important, faithful clients who won’t just visit the application page yet keep on installing your application and use it all the time. It’s not about traffic, it’s about conversion.

As such: to optimize your application store page, you have to give careful consideration to different viewpoints that will become possibly the most important factor amid a potential client’s visit. The following points are the key strides in making an inventive, compelling and instructive experience that will do only that:

Keyword research

Alright, this part is entirely like SEO. Utilizing particularly assigned tools, for example, SensorTower and App Annie, your page content ought to involve relevant terms that will lead potential clients to your application. The trap here is to hit the right harmony between the distinctive levels of traffic and difficulty.

Application depiction

Keyword research and selection is great for generating best results when it comes to Google or Apple’s algorithm but the ones who will decide whether or not your application is worthy to be installed after reading description are human. That’s why stuffing keywords in your content is a terrible approach.

Application logo

Ensure your logo is, well, famous. It ought to accomplish more than give clients a feeling of what the application is about.


Numerous applications out there consider screenshots as features list, which is deplorable and wasteful. One should make the most out of this space and take a gander at it as another promoting stage. New brands ought to give careful consideration to this chance to shine and be known in the market.

Video trailer

On the off chance that you put assets in making a trailer, our recommendation to you is to put clients before Apple. A recent study proved that Apple doesn’t uphold its own rules and rushes to endorse recordings containing footage that goes way past the same old in-application footage

Competitive research

Keep your friends close, and your competition closer. The most ideal approach to realize what you ought to (and shouldn’t) be doing in the Appstore is to watch out for what your rivals are up to and find certain keywords you may be missing.

Rankings and Reviews

At the point when clients visit your application page, they look at past clients’ experience. That, as well as on Google Play the reviews area is quite noticeable. Try to highlight positive reviews and answer to negative ones instantly.

Application Name

Your application’s name should be easy to memorize, appealing and informative. It should also incorporate driving keywords as a component of your title. With a strict character constraint on Google Play and an unusual methodology by Apple – picking the right name for your application is one of the greatest difficulties of ASO. Try not to be enticed to pick a title construct exclusively with respect to what sounds alluring and fun, and dedicate time to look into your category and perceive how your picked keywords can impact ranking.

For application developers to completely comprehend what drives potential clients to install an application, think about your application page as a storefront on the busiest lanes in your general vicinity and apply every piece of our guide as though were a method for drawing in window-customers. Concentrate on making a passionate shopping background for clients and will undoubtedly see the outcomes immediately.

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