Google wishes to send you traffic. Shocked? Truth be told, that is their whole plan of action. Consider it. Their business doesn’t work if individuals don’t search and get results. On the off chance that an individual didn’t get what he/she was looking for, he/she won’t come back and hunt more. Also, in the event that they didn’t return and search more, Google won’t get any traffic.

So then why does Google invest so much energy banning diverse practices, and apparently making it increasingly hard to get your page in Google? They need your material, yet make it extremely hard?

The reason behind this is simple: they need the best material, not the material by the individual who spends the most cash getting links to his/her content. The thing is, as of not long ago, their greatest strategy for figuring out what the best material is, was links. Since linking is an incredible proxy for hobby, missing maliciousness. This is the thing that Google considers unreasonable linking – maliciousness. Presently Google has two new weapons against spamming content makers: they can as a matter of first importance figure out whether the content is composed by a human or not and it is exceptionally hard to spam Google into giving you traffic you don’t deserve.

In light of this, they no more need to depend just on links. Thus what we can derive from this article is that in advertising world links are turning out to be less vital. Also, in the search world, links are turning out to be less essential. Truth be told, we are seeing that on the off chance that you get a huge amount of links to your article, Google is most likely going to show less of them and not more. Since they have become amazingly sophisticated about realizing that you are not getting the links normally, but rather are getting them through payment or computerized spamming strategies. What’s more, they are essentially marking down those links.

So what does this mean for you, the small time advertiser? It is in fact great. Previously, in the event that you needed search rankings, you needed to do insane things to get enough links to contend with the enormous young people in your niche. So it was difficult to do SEO. Be that as it may, now things are distinctive. Truth be told, in the event that you have been viewing the SEO rankings for your own particular niche, you have likely seen that lately smaller and smaller sites are getting the top rankings. What’s more, the huge sites are getting lower rankings.

Go ahead, do some Google searches for your respective niche keywords. You will probably see this happening.

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