A successful social media marketing campaign involves connecting with the audience in an interesting way to grab the attention of the visitors. Facebook has launched new formats and augmented reality is also one of them. Machine learning has also strengthened marketing platforms and their functioning. Here are the top features and trends of Facebook that you must know in 2020 to run a successful marketing campaign.

Facebook stories

The stories publications are now dominating Facebook and there are over 1 billion people who share their stories every day. This trend will play a key role in future of social media marketing via Facebook. These stories appear in the news feed, and the Facebook users can share their everyday events in real-time and keep in touch with their friends, visitors or customers. Stories work well with the latest Android and IOS phones and make it a suitable tool used by everyone.

Facebook live

Facebook live is an excellent marketing channel for small to medium-sized businesses. Earlier, this was only available for the larger and big companies but now, the companies with limited budget can also take advantage of the Facebook live feature. You can connect with your audience anytime by using Facebook Live. Another reason to use Facebook Live is that these types of videos are ranked higher in the news feed, so it can effectively connect the publishers with their audiences.

Facebook videos

Videos are always ranked better as compared to the content. In future, the videos will dominate in Facebook marketing. Businesses adopt different video making strategies to understand and solve different needs of their audiences. It is also a fact that Facebook videos get 135% more organic reach than Facebook images.

Chat bots

In today’s digital marketing scenario, the importance of chat bots can never be denied. Facebook already has 100000 active chat bots and different businesses use it in different ways to remain in touch with their visitors. These chat bots are a perfect way to improve the customer experience and their automation system also drives more sales from the business.

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