SEO strategies are utilized essentially to guarantee that sites are indexed by search engines and to guarantee that search engine displays the site in search results. There are different SEO techniques used to promote sites keeping in mind a couple of these are prescribed by SEO specialists, other strategies are best to be stayed away from.

White Hat Technique

The white hat technique is the most prominent amongst all the SEO techniques since these strategies are endorsed by search engines, for example, Google and give results in a brief time-frame. Some of the strategies for advancing a site utilizing this technique incorporate utilizing backlinks which are authentic, using optimized keyword headers, utilizing optimized keyword footers and using a limited number of keywords in website’s content. Usually, websites that publish articles use a keyword density of 1-2%. This guarantees search engines tools to find the articles by finding keywords in the articles.

Black Hat Techniques

Black Hat Techniques are disregarded by all respectable SEO specialists since these SEO techniques frequently get sites banned or boycotted from web crawlers. Such techniques are now and then utilized by individuals who need to get “quick and easy fix” results rather than long haul results that will deliver quality after some time. It is not fitting to work with experts that make use of such strategies, as it will probably get your site banned and you will languish the outcomes over quite a while.

Grey Hat Techniques

In spite of the fact that utilizing black hat techniques is not prescribed, one can contend that utilizing these methods to upgrade sites is not wrong either. Nonetheless, nowadays numerous web crawlers have become alert and are black listing sites that abuse this specific method. Grey Hat Technique is a mixture of both white and black hat SEO techniques.


Most of the SEO firms don’t use black or grey hat SEO techniques to boost the site, instead they make quality content and spend time getting relevant and quality backlinks to a specific site that is under consideration for promotion. Keep in mind, SEO strategies are intended to offer you some assistance with promoting your site and the most ideal approach to do as such is giving your site a chance to fabricate a decent popularity by utilizing affirmed SEO techniques.

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