4 Core Tips and 7 major Considerations for Email Marketing

Among various ways of website marketing promotion, email marketing can be regarded as one of the most important or indispensable methods, especially in e-commerce websites. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, the total number of Internet users in Pakistan has reached hundreds of millions, and the world has more than 1.2 billion.

Faced with such a huge user base, Email marketing, as a means of modern advertising, is receiving increasing attention. As long as you have enough email addresses, you can post advertising messages to hundreds of millions of target users in a short period of time. The marketing scope can be all over Pakistan and the world.

It can be seen that email marketing is also increasingly valued by network promoters. Taiyuan SEO Research Center discusses how to make emails for e-commerce websites from three aspects: email marketing concepts, email marketing techniques, and email marketing considerations. Help the wings of flying.

First, the concept of email marketing

E-mail marketing (abbreviation of Email Direct Marketing) is defined as an online marketing method that delivers value information to target users by e-mail under the premise of the user’s prior permission.

Unlike the kind of spam that we receive in our mailbox, email marketing must have three factors: user permissions, email delivery information, and information that is valuable to users, and what we think of in the trash can E-mails generally lack one or more of the above three factors, so it is not the kind of network marketing in the strict sense, so the effect of propaganda is not so obvious.

The following marketing techniques and marketing considerations for e-commerce must be satisfied with the above three factors of e-mail marketing, accurate positioning, and successful marketing.

Second, the marketing skills of email
Email marketing can effectively help you increase traffic to your website and increase conversion rates for online transactions.

Let’s first understand the tips in the email marketing process:

1. Collection and organization of mail address library

To achieve precise marketing, the email address must be accurate in order to send the message to the target customer. Then it is especially important for the collection of mail. Next, I will introduce you to several ways to collect email addresses:

(1), website registration user information

The particularity of the e-commerce website requires the user to enter the correct e-mail address as the authentication when registering, in order to facilitate the authentication of the password or to receive the verification, etc. The appearance of this method is a convenient way to collect the user’s e-mail address.

(2),  Login Authentication

The open social platform is possible to realize the authentication login . After logging in, users who log in this way need to further fill in their personal information to browse the product information. The personal information will include the mailbox. I want to say that the number that realizes the login is another form of mailbox, which is also worth collecting and sorting.

(3), e-commerce website promotion activities collection

When e-commerce websites have low sales performance, they tend to consider a series of promotional activities to attract visits and drive consumption. Sometimes, the price reduction will have a certain stage, and today’s discount is 95%, tomorrow. The discount is 90%. Similar to this, it is more appropriate to add a mailbox subscription function next to it.

Once the price is lowered to the satisfaction of the other party’s price, there will be an email notification. The way to collect the email address is also good. (More tips. You can use the 15 promotion methods commonly used in the e-commerce platform of the Taiyuan SEO Research Center blog. “The relevant introduction to learn more, here, no longer repeat the description).

(4), Awards Survey Reward Collection

If you have a prize for the improvement of the e-commerce website or other similar issues, you will mobilize your interest to actively participate, compete to win prizes, and whether the e-mail notification is winning is even more important, because it can also be Collect the email address we need.

Regardless of the method used to obtain the email address of the target user, the most essential requirement is that the daily visit volume of the website needs to reach a certain amount, so that it does not make ends meet.

2, The Determination of the Subject of the Mail

The theme of the e-mail should be concise and clear, novel enough, and must be highly generalized, authoritative, and tempting. Like the traditional big promotion, madness, madness…, it seems that it is so powerless.

Because google is a webmaster and subscribed to the  networks trend consultation, I will come up with one of the  Networks Trend email themes. Although it is not so appropriate with the e-mail theme, the effect is basically similar. In the subject of the email, the Alliance invites you to participate in the service satisfaction award research. A simple theme highlights the sender of the email, what you want to do, and what benefits you get, highlighting the theme. Concise, general, authoritative and seductive, it is worth learning.

3. Preparation of mail content

For e-mail marketing promotion, in order to achieve the purpose of e-mail marketing promotion, the content of the e-mail must have a certain value to the target customer or be able to attract interest, in order to achieve the desired marketing effect, dragging a large step, if Even the author does not know how to write some tricks, how to attract people to continue reading (specifically, see the Local SEO Services by Networks Trend  Research Center blog “How to write advertising copy can attract readers’ interest” related introduction)?

The contents of the e-commerce website’s e-mail content should include the following items: the account has not been logged in for a long time, the promotion information, the coupon information, the latest product information, the purchase product use prompt information, etc., which are useful to the target user. Sending information to users will let users experience your e-commerce site right beside them, and your e-commerce site is truly trustworthy.

4. Other matters concerning sending emails

After the mail is sent, we need to count it, establish the relevant excel form, record the time of sending the mail, the number of sending, the amount of feedback, etc., to analyze the effect of the mail promotion, so as to promote the next step of marketing. Find out the road, in addition to inferior.

In addition, you should also consider the habits of the target recipient, the mail server, and so on.

If your e-commerce site sends too many messages to the target user, it will make the user bored for a long time. It is important to remember that our marketing is about services. Products are just one way we express our services.

Third, the matters needing attention in email marketing
Next, I will tell you about the issues that need to be paid attention to during the email marketing process:

1. Don’t send email without the user’s permission

This kind of compulsory emailing to the target’s mailbox without respecting the user’s rights violates the basic concept of email marketing, on the one hand: reducing the brand reputation of its own e-commerce website.

On the other hand: it is possible to add you to the blacklist or be filtered out (see the “Surface Spam Research Based on Bayesian Inference Application Principles” in the Taiyuan SEO Research Center blog) to give potential users an opportunity. others. For how to obtain user permission, generally include online and offline categories, online methods generally include registration, subscription, promotional activities, etc., offline methods include business card exchange, exhibitions and so on.

2, The content of the mail should pay attention to carefully selected

The readability of the content of the email determines whether the reader is willing to spend some time to continue reading what he is interested in. It can be said that the content of the email determines the success of email marketing, so most of the thoughts should be sent as the sender of the email. Put it on the content of the mail.

Yan Jun suggested that the content of the email must be a thousand choices, it must be important for the target, the content can be related to discounted products, free services related information.

When a registered member pays for a notebook, the content sent by the sender of the mail preferably includes: computer usage, computer maintenance instructions, how to get healthier online, and so on.

In short, it is necessary to stand at the receiver’s point of view, think about the confusion of their use after purchasing related products, and help them solve the confusion they encounter. This is the best effect to be achieved by email marketing.

3. Reply to the comments in a timely manner

A marketing type of email has been sent, and what we are most looking forward to is a certain customer response rate, which is partly reflected in the click-through rate of the website or the response rate of the email.

For the reply of the mail recipient, as the administrator of the e-commerce website, it is necessary to promptly reply to the sender’s question or problem. A potential customer will send you a consultation about the product, and will definitely I can’t wait to reply, if I still can’t get a reply after two or three days, maybe he has become a competitor’s customer at this time.

4, the mail format should not be confused

Although the format of e-mail does not form a unified style system, as a commercial marketing e-mail, it must form a certain unique format, including at least: salutation, mail body, sender’s signature, information source, unsubscribe. Buttons and more.

Sometimes I will receive such email content in my email system:  website thank you for your company, and in the season of the carnival, send a blessing of 50 yuan coupons… This email is short, but it is short Ignore the respect for the recipient, what if you are the recipient?

5, The user’s subscription and unsubscribe mail should be simple and easy

A marketing-type email with a simple and effective subscription and unsubscribe button at the top or bottom. This button allows the target to have the option to subscribe and unsubscribe. cheap Email Marketing services  has many email templates you can buy easily. The simple and effective button can be used to experience the user. To play an important role, on the contrary, complex buttons will make the target more objectionable.

Remember to never give users any unblocking obstacles. Those who choose to unsubscribe from this news will not be a loyal customer of your e-commerce website to a certain extent, but remember to analyze the changes in the data (specifically View the introduction of the “Strategy and Needs Analysis of Collecting Customer Relationship Management Data” from the blog of Taiyuan SEO Research Center, and find the source of the problem of unsubscribe mail from itself.

6. At the bottom of each message, there must be a copyright statement for the source of the mailing list.

The content source at the bottom of the email authoritatively identifies all units that send email messages. By viewing this information, the recipient can clearly know the source of the information, thus verifying the authority and authenticity of the information.

To a certain extent, the existence of such news, to a certain extent, expresses the copyright of the mail, which plays a vital role in the formation of the brand effect of the e-commerce website. In the copyright statement of the information source here, one must have a simple ten. A few words of the website are outlined, and the second is to have the website’s URL.

In short, the copyright statement of the source of information focuses on how to facilitate the memory and access of the mail reader, where readers can think and solve it themselves.

7, The frequency of mail delivery should be just right

The daily sending frequency will make the emails of your website in the recipient’s mail box. This is very effective for your e-commerce website, but we must take into account the recipient’s psychological acceptance. .

Frequent mailings often make the recipient feel tired of the sender. The lighter deletes all the emails and the heavy ones are blacklisted, which is worth considering.

Therefore, we suggested that the frequency of mail delivery should not be too high, nor should it be too low, and should not fluctuate too much. Be sure to pay attention to the periodic frequency of mail delivery. The determination of the frequency of the mail cycle I think that two or three emails a month can be determined according to the overall habits of most email subscribers. Whether the e-commerce website has something worth reading is also one of the standards worthy of reference. .

 SEO Research Center blog Experience:

E-mail marketing is easy to say, but it is generally difficult to do. It often takes years to settle, and it takes time to get the user’s approval and get results.

By regularly sending emails to inform the target of the dynamics of your e-commerce website, it is a good way to attract back-to-back viewers. In the long run, it will bring long-term continuous traffic to your website. Remember that email marketing is only a long-term The means of attracting the rate of return, the most important thing is the product quality of the e-commerce website and related services, which is the main task to be grasped.


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