3 Common Mistakes in Running Google Adwords ads



1. Search ads and affiliate display ads are placed in the same campaign.

We all know that Google Adwords has two types of channel search and display ads for ad serving. Search ads, this is the ad we appear when we search for keywords on Google. Display ads, my ads usually appear on some websites that Google partners with.

Recently, Google has combined these two methods as a default option.Then search advertising and display advertising are two completely different forms of advertising. The two bidding modes are different, the selection keywords are different, and the advertising copy is different.

I have seen a lot of advertising accounts to put these two ads together. This can be said to be a very big mistake. I have seen many third-party ad optimizer do this. In fact, this is
Some people only operate accounts. He doesn’t know how to optimize. At most, it is to see which advertisement has the effect and then increase the input, which effect which advertisement has no effect to pause.

The disadvantage of display advertising is that it will get a lot of invalid clicks, and the advantage is that the price is cheaper. So if you want to advertise in two ways, My recommendation is to run search and display ads separately, then track the performance and optimize separately.


2, Second, the placement of keywords depends on broad match

I don’t know how many people who advertised, so much, the advertising account keywords are broadly matched. There are two situations in which broad match is generally used. The first is because the keyword bid is too low or the keyword is used inaccurately, which causes the advertisement to fail to run, the advertisement is not clicked, and the broad match can get more clicks.

The second is because you want to get some potentially effective keywords through broad keyword matching. These are all situations that may be encountered at the beginning of the launch, but if all of them are GF-matched, the keywords can not be selected, only the people who are placed are too level, and use this waste of money to obtain keywords if you want Pay per click, ppc campaign, lead generation we provide all ppc solution.


So what are the disadvantages of broadly matched keywords?


First of all, we spend money on a lot of irrelevant keywords, and our ad click through rate conversion rate and quality score will be very poor.

Secondly, because the keywords are broadly matched, we don’t know if our keywords will match what keywords are related, so it is difficult to write our slogans for our keywords.

Our slogan is not relevant to keywords, so few people will click on the ad.

Most campaigns are a combination of broad match and precise match, and the broadly matched words become less and less as the ad is optimized, and the exact match becomes more and more. This will make the advertising effect better and better.

Third, the advertising account structure is bad

This bad English has a keyword called Poor which can be well described. It has two meanings. The first is a single structure.I have seen a lot of advertising accounts, only one Campaign, some contain only one ad group containing all the keywords, usually broad match, then if your account is like this then you have to be careful.

This structure ensures that you will spend more, and your target customers don’t see very targeted ads, How to organize keywords, ad groups, and campaigns in AdWords, the results vary widely.

The way to build your campaigns is to group your keywords (or placements, Display Network, location) into closely related groups.

So if you are selling golf sporting goods, don’t put the keywords of all golf products in the same ad group. It’s even better to break down these keywords into different ad groups




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