SEO Trainer in Lahore

M. Naeem Akhtar

Mr. Naeem Akhtar is a renowned visionary entrepreneur and an established Digital Marketing Consultant based in Lahore. Holding Dual Master’s Degrees in Computer Science & Business Marketing form The Punjab University this individual has emerged as an extremely talented and a recognized professional in Digital Media domain.  

With 15+ years of experience Mr. Naeem Akhtar has served a number of businesses, organizations and NGOs through his expertise. Mr. Akhtar has also earned a pronounced repute in delivering Training seminars and webinars on SEO, SMO and Digital marketing in all major cities across Pakistan and online.

Below are some more of his career highlights

1. Senior Instructor (Microsoft, Cisco, SEO and Digital Marketing) at Corvit Systems Lahore
2. Visiting faculty at Bahauddin Zikriya University, faculty of Computer Science
3. CEO at a leading Media House - Networks Trend Lahore
4. Motivational Speaker on importance of Digital Media online (UK/US/Canada/GCC)

Co-Trainer Imaan Idrees